Running, Teaching, and motherhood

How to Get Through a LONG Treadmill Run

Treadmill runs can be super boring. BUT, they don’t have to be. I’m slowly warming up to them–mainly because I really don’t have any other options. Oklahoma can be 75 degrees in January one day, and 11 degrees the next. Factor in random snow and ice storms… well, you get the picture. I know not […]

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Finding the Courage to Continue

Have you ever wanted to do something big in your life? Like, really big?     The excitement that ensues after you decide to take a big leap is mind-numbing. You think about how incredible it will be to accomplish whatever goal you’ve chosen. You just know it’s going to be amazing. You have the […]

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Exercise Rewards

I sometimes need a little ‘kick’ when it comes to motivation at times… So, I have created a ‘rewards’ system, if you will. My theme this year is to take better care of myself and apply more effort in everything I do, so I think that this rewards system fits in nicely with my goals […]

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Marathon Training Has Begun + FUN + Eating Healthy

Happy New Year! Marathon training started yesterday. To say I’m excited/nervous is a huge understatement. My first week of training is a total of 17 miles–wow. It’s also crazy to think that my first run of this training plan starts out at 4 miles… that was my first long run with my half training. Also, […]

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What a Year…

Where do I even begin? I’d like to pretend that my life is all figured out, but it’s truthfully not. Life is funny like that–you think you have this set path, and then everything changes. Right now, with my current in-between stage with marathon training, this statement couldn’t be any more true. Even though 2016 […]

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