Running, Teaching, and motherhood


First Run after Half Marathon + Life + Crepes Recipe

My first run after the half was… interesting. Kenneth bought me my 13.1 sticker for completing my first half. I was so excited to put it on my car–but I made sure to wait until after the race to do place it. It just didn’t feel right putting it on there unless I had actually […]

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Recovery Week + Christmas Tree Farm Fun

I have very mixed feelings about this past week. On one hand, I love how I’m able to be a little lazy. I haven’t had a true lazy week since July. On the other hand, it has been driving me crazy. After the Route 66 Half Marathon, I was completely exhausted. I could also barely […]

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I am a Half Marathon Finisher

My first half marathon went better than I could’ve ever imagined. I remember right when I finished my first post-baby 5K back in April 2016. My mom was still in the process of running her first half marathon and I remember thinking about how thankful I was that I only had to do 3.1 miles, […]

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Last Post Before Half Marathon Thoughts + Running Gear + Running Song #5

Only one more full day is left before my first half marathon. I give you props if you’ve read every post this week. It was my first “countdown until a big race” week. This season of my life has been interesting. I started my half marathon journey back in July–back when this task seemed so […]

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Early Swim Run + Friend Photo Fun + Running Song #4 

I always feel so much better when I get up early and run. True story. I’m not going to pretend that getting up early is easy, but I can promise that the result is totally worth it. It was weird just running in the water, but I loved how low impact this workout was. I […]

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