Running, Teaching, and motherhood

3 Things I’m Excited About

Happy Friday! Do you ever just get excited about random things in life? Me too. Since it’s Friday, and everyone loves lists, I’ll just make that my format today: #1–IT’S FRIDAY! I know this might not seem significant to some, since I’m currently staying at home, but it totally is. Kenneth is able to be […]

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I’m Injured Again…

And I think I know why… To start, my foot is hurting. I’m talking about the bottom of my right foot being extremely sore. I had just ran 8 miles Wednesday morning (which is mind-blowing in itself), and then my foot started hurting. Talk about annoying. So then I started going through the reasons why […]

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Knoxville Wedding + First 16 Mile Run + PICTURES

Life has been busy. I haven’t kept up with this blog like I did when I was training for my first half marathon, and that makes me pretty sad. I plan to do better at keeping up with this blog, since I’m pretty much home for good for awhile–minus many upcoming weekend races! Getting to […]

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6 New Things + Marathon Training Week 6 + Cake Batter Protein Shake Recipe

It has been a little while, but it’s currently week 6 of marathon training! I honestly haven’t blogged lately because blogging truly just seemed too overwhelming to me lately. The content is there, I just need to get it out in a cohesive way. A lot has happened lately. My family got really, really sick. […]

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First Month of Marathon Training Thoughts

The first month of marathon training is complete! If there’s one thing I’ve learned about marathon training, it’s that the deed sounds easy at first–especially if you’ve already been running. If you totally respect the distance when it comes to running, you’ll quickly figure out that even a mile is a long distance. It just […]

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