Running, Teaching, and motherhood

Go Girl Half Marathon (PR!) + GI Issues + Thursday Thoughts (LIFE)

I ran my 3rd Half Marathon and PR’d! What’s a PR? I want to go ahead and answer this first, because it can seem weird unless you’re totally into this whole running thing. A PR is a “personal record.” You can PR when you’ve already ran the distance before and you do better. Here are […]

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Negative Splits + Date Night + Norman Day Trip

Hello, negative splits! I’ve been working my way toward you. But, seriously… who doesn’t just love when they run negative splits? If you’re wondering what this is/why it’s important, Jeff Galloway expressed the positives of negative splits in a Runner’s World article: “Anyone can and should run negative splits. Unfortunately, most runners don’t. Instead, they […]

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Staying at Home: Breaking Through Monotony + Improving Pace

Some days are just so monotonous. As a teacher, each day had the same type of normalcy. But, you could guarantee that you’d have something different thrown at you each and every single day, and I loved it. Don’t mistake this post for me not loving my time at home with Ellie. This post is […]

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First 20 Mile Run Recap + Change of Plans + HEALTHY ‘Frosty’ Recipe

I RAN 20 MILES! Okay, so I’m a little ecstatic about this. For whatever reason, this is the run I’ve been nervous about during this entire training cycle–right from the beginning. What’s strange is that my nerves didn’t actually occur until the day before the run. BUT, I prepared well and it definitely paid off. […]

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Preparing for My First 20 Mile Run + This Weekend!

My first 20 mile run is tomorrow… Not sure how this seemed to appear so soon, but here we are. Today was a rest day and it was really nice. I learned the hard way last weekend that running without taking fuel/eating before is a BAD idea. I think sometimes I just run and expect […]

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