Whidbey Island Half Marathon Race Recap + I’m a Marathoner ;)

I’m now a Marathoner!!!

Let me start off by saying, wow! The last two weeks have been very crazy. I had every intention of posting my most recent Half Marathon recap a week ago, but pre-Marathon nerves got the best of me last week… and you know, work.

So, this isn’t my Marathon recap… that will come very soon. I’m working on it, and want to make sure it’s written out to the best of my ability before I post it 🙂

I was able to run in my first out of state Half Marathon!

My mother-in-law and father-in-law both live in Washington State. For Christmas, they gave me an entry to the Whidbey Island Half Marathon in April 2017, and a plane ticket to get there (since I live in Oklahoma). I was ecstatic!

Ellie and I packed up (because Kenneth had to work) and made the trek to Washington!

This wasn’t Ellie’s first flight… more like 8th, or something like that. We love to travel.

Traveling and flying alone with a toddler is something I’ve become quite good at this year, haha! Even though it wasn’t easy, I’ll say it was definitely worth it! I took every silly thing that happened and just laughed at it—even when Ellie decided to throw all of her things in other people’s laps… LOL.

We arrived on a Thursday night. The next day, on Friday, we decided to visit the Tulip farms. Talk about BEAUTIFUL! It was just amazing.

On Saturday, we mainly stayed at the house. We did stop by the expo to pick up my bib and t-shirt, but other than that it was just a nice, lazy day… and I LOVED it. I wanted to get a run in while I was there, before the race, but decided not to… mainly because it was rainy and cold.

I’m glad I skipped the run because I really did enjoy the downtime!

Sunday was race day.

We arrived at a decent time (30 minutes before the start). The race was very nicely organized.

The porta-potty line was very short, considering the amount of runners running the Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K (the Full started in a different location—Deception Pass).

What I liked about this race was the start—we went out in waves, which I really enjoyed. It always makes racing easier.

I wanted to take this race slower than usual. My Half Marathon PR is a 2:08, but since I had my first Full Marathon exactly a week later, I really wanted to take it slow since I was running 13.1 miles instead of the recommended 8.

I saw the pace group for a 2:30 finish and I decided to stick with them.

Miles 1-6

These miles went by very fast. I always get nervous before a race, and right when I start. Even though this wasn’t my first Half, I still got nervous that I couldn’t complete 13.1 miles (silly, I know…).

Miles 6-8

I can’t really remember every detail, but I know it got very hilly before the turn-around. Right around mile 7, I saw my mother-in-law, father-in-law, and Ellie so I stopped and kissed her. It was SO nice seeing them!


I’ll go ahead and mention here that I gave up on the 2:30 pace group. They were doing a run/walk and I just wasn’t doing that myself. So, I just kept an even pace, really trying not to push it too hard. They also appeared to be going faster than a 2:30 finish… more on that later.

Miles 8-10

This stretch was downhill, mainly because we had just turned around after that halfway point. I’m not going to lie… I got a little bored with my music at this point since I hadn’t updated my playlist, so…

Miles 10-12

I called my mom. I’ve never done this in a race, but boy was that fun! I really like talking to people when I run (NEVER thought I’d end up enjoying that), and I hadn’t really talked to her much while on the trip.

It was funny, because I heard my dad say, “get off the phone and race!” in the background, jokingly. My mom had to explain that this was really a nice long training run for me, and that I couldn’t push it too hard because of the Marathon in a week. She understood 😉

Miles 12-13.1

I ended up hanging up around mile 12. The course took us through a park by the water and it was just beautiful, so I was really taking that in. If you’ve never been to Washington State, just go. It’s just incredible!

I also saw the 2:30 pace group about half a mile away from the finish line. They told me that they had ran too fast for part of it, so they accidentally planned to finish earlier than expected. This made me feel so relived, because they seemed to be going faster than I thought they would for a 2:30 finish!

I saw my mother-in-law and Ellie right before the finish line. I stopped to kiss Ellie again, and then finished!

My finish time was 2:26! I wanted to keep it around 2:30, so I think I did great when it came to my target pace!

After the race, we took lots of pictures. We ended up going to Baskin Robbins immediately afterwards, too. Talk about an AMAZING thing to eat right after a long run!

We went to Langley and had pizza at Village Pizza. It was phenomenal, especially after a long run!

We headed back home and ended up watching The Crown on Netflix (we made it about 7-8 episodes in while I was there! I love it!) and had some Halo Top to finish off the night.

Each day/night consisted of an amazing meal (my mother-in-law is an amazing cook!) and relaxation—just want I needed!

Ellie and I headed back to Seattle that Monday, the day after the race, to start our journey back to OKC. We had a good flight and were excited to see Kenneth when he picked us up at the airport!

I had a blast and already can’t wait to visit again and run in another race 🙂Post-Marathon post is coming soon… get ready!


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2 thoughts on “Whidbey Island Half Marathon Race Recap + I’m a Marathoner ;)

  1. Your pictures during the race look so cool! I could never talk on the phoNe while running, but my good friend amanda does all the time! I just started following your blog so im looking forward to the marathon recap! Congrats!!

    1. Thank you! It seemed weird to me at first, too, but I love it! Thank you–I’m about to post it very soon!

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