I’m a Marathon Finisher! OKC Memorial Marathon Race Recap: Part I

I’m a Marathon finisher!

Wow, I haven’t blogged in a LONG time–sorry! Life got super busy. I’ll try to be better 😉

I sometimes forget how new this whole running journey is for me, until I really look back and reflect on it.

I’ll be completely honest–running a Marathon wasn’t something I wanted to do a year ago. In fact, if anyone had asked me if I ever wanted to run a Marathon, I would’ve simply laughed.

Serious training started for me in August 2016, back when I realized I wanted to run a Half Marathon for the first time. I remember being incredibly nervous… 13.1 miles seemed like such a long distance.

Flash forward to present-day and it’s easy to forget how far I’ve come. I’ve trained my mind to think that a distance of 20+ miles isn’t very far at all, which is kind of strange to think about.

I’m going to break this story up into two parts. I’m doing this because it is going to be fairly long, and I don’t want to overwhelm anyone!

Well, here goes–here’s my first Marathon story, part I. I hope you enjoy!

First Marathon Weekend 2017

I made the executive decision to head to OKC Friday night because my nerves were going crazy. I knew I needed some time to process what I was about to endure: the Marathon. Thankfully, Kenneth is a very understanding man, because he didn’t think twice about it.


I left right after work on Friday to meet my mom in OKC. We made it a girls’ night because my dad was out of town for a conference, and wouldn’t be back until Saturday night.

Out night started out by running (not literally, haha!) over to Red Coyote (a local running store) to pick up a last-minute purchase that I’d had my mind on for a while now—the iRoll R8 roller. I had been using a blue foam roller I’d purchased at Wal-Mart, but kept seeing so many people recommend the R8. I decided to take the plunge and purchase it as a gift to myself for completing my first Marathon.

After we made the stop at the running store, we went to the Dollar Tree. Our husbands have been incredibly supportive about this whole running thing… so we decided to put together a special gift basket for each of them to show our appreciation.

We made our final stop at The Olive Garden. We weren’t really hungry, so we forced ourselves to eat. Our entrees ended up being two big bowls of gnocchi with tomato sauce. It was actually very good!

We wanted to do a little more carb loading, so we went to a grocery store and bought ice cream sugar cones… looking back on that, we probably should’ve found better carb sources!

That night we went to bed somewhat early.


The next day, we slept in.

We made our way to a coffee shop that was located downtown. We grabbed some coffee and donuts—it was great!

The Expo was something we were both really looking forward to, so we spent a lot of time there. We visited every booth, stocked up on more fuel for the marathon, and visited with running friends we kept running into.

I met with a pacer, thinking that I would want to have someone keep me accountable and push me during the marathon (more on this later…).

After the Expo, we went to the Renaissance for lunch.

After lunch, we headed back to my parents’ apartment to relax. As we were walking back, I checked my coat jacket (it had been raining all day) and couldn’t find my wallet.

I freaked out a little, then literally ran back a few blocks to the Renaissance, hoping that the wallet was there. Lucky for me, it was. Talk about nerve-wracking!

I met up with my running friends, Alicia and Kelsie, at the Cracker Barrel for dinner. We had breakfast for dinner (pancakes for me!), so it was nice and filling. After I had dinner with them, I met up with more running friends at iHop before heading back to my parents’ house. It was great to talk with everyone!

Nerves were pretty high Saturday night, so I was thankful that I made sure to get adequate sleep the week prior to the Marathon.

After I laid out my attire, I fell asleep!

Part II to come soon…

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