New Marathon, New Plan, New Goals

New Marathon, New Plan, New Goals

Hello, blog. Long time no see!

I DID reach my 500 mile goal before my trip–WOOHOO!

For the record…

I am not ever sure I really ever made this a point before, but I want to make this very clear: I am not someone that has qualified to run the NYC Marathon. I won a lottery entry, and gained entry that way. I have never qualified for Boston, or any Marathon for that matter (granted, I've only ran one… lol).

I wanted to make this a point because I don't want there to be any confusion. People work extremely hard for those spots. I'm not discrediting my effort by any means, and I am still as much of a runner as those that do qualify, but I want it to be known that I haven't qualified for anything yet… one day, right? 😉

New Marathon Goals

I finished my first marathon back in April 2017. My ultimate goals were to:

  1. Finish
  2. Get a sub-5 hour time
  3. Get a sub-4:30 time

I finished in 4:35, so I definitely met goals 1 and 2, and barely missed goal 3. I’d say I did fairly well, considering race-day conditions (cold, rainy, windy, etc.)!

I truly believe consistency in my training is what helped me achieve my goals.

I’m now currently training for the NYC Marathon, which is November 5, 2017. I have a few goals in mind, and I believe I am now ready to share them:

  1. Finish
  2. Get a sub 4:30 time
  3. Get a sub 4:15 hour time

I believe all three of these goals are attainable, given my current fitness level and dedication. BUT, the most important thing to me is that I finish!

New Marathon Plan

I want to see results this time around (since I now have a base to go off of), so I chose my new Marathon plan wisely. I researched ALL of them… if only you guys knew how much I researched things in my life—it’s quite embarrassing!

So, the Hanson’s Marathon Method modified plan is the plan that I felt best-suited my needs. I also chose this plan because I knew I could complete it, which is great because I didn’t want to set myself up for failure.

I bought the plan on Final Surge for around $30, and then changed it up to make it fit into my life. I personally need some kind of guide to follow, so that’s why I chose that option.

Keep in mind that I MODIFIED this plan, and will continue to do so. This isn’t the plan that was originally purchased.

Here are reasons why I chose this plan:

This plan has several targeted paces, in order to safely increase your mileage. The other plan I followed didn’t have any structure, so I was trying to run many runs hard, and there was no goal for each run.

The long run is not the main focus of this plan. Many marathon plans place focus on the long run, making the long run mileage at least 50% of the week’s total mileage. I was taking DAYS after each long run in my last plan in order to recover. This plan is supposed to prevent that from happening, reducing injury as a result.

This plan also does not involve any long runs over 16 miles, because Hanson’s Marathon Method believes that any runs that take longer than 2:30-3 lead to possible increase of injury. I’m also planning on keeping my long run between 25-30% of my weekly mileage, just for that reason.

Also, the main principle of this plan is cumulative fatigue, which basically means you are running your long runs on tired legs in order to mimic the last stretch of the marathon instead of running your long run on fresh legs.

Current NYC Marathon Training Paces

Here are my prescribed training paces, based on my goal finish time. These can change at any time, depending on how I think they're working for me.

EASY: 10:27-11:57

MODERATE: 10:27-11:27

LONG: 9:57-11:27

SPEED: 8:19-8:40

MP: 9:27

Marathon Training So Far…

This is what the first two weeks of my training cycle look like:

July 24-30 (WEEK 1)

Monday: 5 Easy Miles
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 4 Easy Miles
Friday: 5 Easy Miles
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 7 Easy Miles

July 31-August 6 (WEEK 2)
TOTAL MILEAGE: 20 Cycling Miles, 25 Running Miles

Monday: 5 Easy Miles
Tuesday: 20 Cycling Miles, 3 Easy Miles
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 4 Easy Miles
Friday: 5 Easy Miles
Saturday: 8 Easy Miles (LONG RUN)
Sunday: Off

As you can tell, my first few weeks are focusing on building mileage. Kenneth and I went to Europe for 1.5 weeks before this training plan began (this was originally an 18 week plan that I have cut down to 15 total weeks).

I was initially nervous about the loss of 3 weeks, but we stayed very active during our vacation, so I really have nothing to worry about.

Kenneth also gave me a bike rack for my birthday, so I plan to bike during my lunch a few days during the week. Based on the total biking mileage, I might scale back a little on the running mileage, but I will just play it by ear and adjust as needed.

I will be way more mindful this time around when it comes to training. All of my runs will have a purpose, and I won’t cram in random mileage just because.

There you have it! I’m keeping this blog super easy from now on. In the past, I’ve worried about how it looks, etc., but now that I’m working and doing about a million other things, I am truly just going to write in here so that I can get my information out faster. So, sorry ahead of time for any typos!

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5 thoughts on “New Marathon, New Plan, New Goals


    1. Also my cat has been on my computer… hmm

    2. Hey!!! Welcome to my blog 🙂 I was getting injured so much before, so I had to try something new. Hopefully my experience will help you with your marathon in 2018! I’ll make sure to keep updating 🙂

      1. Yeah it’s a lot of running days! That’s my main concern; I haven’t felt comfortable running more than 5 days/week, but after reading lots of reviews people say they feel so strong and confident from Hanson’s. So that’s what I’m looking for!

        1. Yes it is! If you’re feeling weary of the 6 days of running, look into their modified plan on Final Surge. It costs extra, but I love that I’m able to run 5-6 days and modify it as needed. I’m not following the book because I wasn’t ready for that much mileage! Maybe one day! Lol

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