Running, Teaching, and motherhood

Taper Week + Nerves + Busy Life

Life got pretty crazy. Looking back on when I was staying at home while training for my first Half Marathon, I started reflecting on how different life was then than it is now–life was still busy, just in a different way. One obvious noticeable difference is my blogging. It was much easier to blog than […]

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8 Pictures + Random Thoughts

I usually write these posts on my laptop, but I’m currently testing out the app–we’ll see how this goes.  Our last 4:50am run was this morning. These two have been amazing the last few months. We’ve been through it all–rain, cold, heat, wind… you name it, we’ve ran in it.  Although I love how I […]

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NEW JOB!!! + 10 New Things + Pictures

So many new things have happened… 1–I was offered a job! After being out of the workforce for a year, I’m now a working woman. I’m so fortunate that I was able to spend a whole year with Ellie. It was definitely time to try and put myself out there, though, and I was luckily […]

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A2A 20.6 Mile Race Without Music + Exhaustion

Marathon training = pure exhaustion. I always try to keep it real on here, so I’m not sugar-coating this one–I’m TIRED. I’m suffering from pure exhaustion. There are a few things in life that are probably the culprits (I’ll share those in a few weeks), but marathon training certainly doesn’t help the situation. I decided […]

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Go Girl Half Marathon (PR!) + GI Issues + Thursday Thoughts (LIFE)

I ran my 3rd Half Marathon and PR’d! What’s a PR? I want to go ahead and answer this first, because it can seem weird unless you’re totally into this whole running thing. A PR is a “personal record.” You can PR when you’ve already ran the distance before and you do better. Here are […]

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